Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Birthwatch

Katie and her beautiful belly
If you enter "deathwatch" into Google you get 318,000 results, yet "birthwatch" yields a mere 3220. I guess we're a glass-half-empty species by nature, huh?

Anyway, Katie and I are on the birthwatch right now. Last Friday was her last official day of work and she's now on maternity leave. Any twinge below the ribcage might herald the arrival of the Little One, the slightest wave of nausea cause for extra vigilance. 

It does my heart a lot of good to see the woman with the admirable work ethic finally taking a bit of time for herself, though her social calender is full of coffee catch-ups. Honestly, I don't think she has the ability to do nothing.   

"You are definitely going to have to paint my toenails soon," Katie said a moment ago. I made the offer a few days back, and I better make good on it soon, lest she put unadorned tootsies into stirrups. Wonder if she asked the hospital about it's policy regarding bling in the birthing room? It's something she was curious about. 

She's doing a few floor exercises right now... I guess carrying the 3-kilo child plus placenta, amniotic fluid and other such baby-building equipment isn't enough and she had to throw a kilo of ankle weights on each leg. My commando babe is a glutton for punishment, but she claims the exercise is more meditative than anything else at this point. She sits up and rubs her belly, absentmindedly watching the contestants of Deal or No Deal on the screen... she looks fantastic.

Little One, you've won the Mummy Lottery. See you soon.


  1. Katie you look great! Enjoy these last few quiet moments. Love, K+J

  2. Oh and Greg happy to see you're back!